Museum KIT DOUBLE mat Conservation (solid core)

Rag mat means made of cotton.

Solid Core
means solid consistent color from top of mat all the way through the core without variation. Therefore the beveled window opening surrounding your art will have the same color as the mats surface.

Rising brand solid core rag mats are an affordable choice for museum quality when compared to other Rag Mat brands. Rag mats offer the highest level of quality available.
Perfect for Fine Art Prints, Valuable Documents, Photography, Originals, High-End Limited Editions, Rare or Antique Documents.

Art Display Kit includes:
QTY 24 - DOUBLE Warm White 100% cotton Solid Core RAG mats (4-ply)
QTY 24 - 1/8" Acid Free foam core backing boards
QTY 24 - Crystal Clear Bags

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