About Us

Customers are amazed at how we can provide such outstanding workmanship and quality framing materials at such low prices. It isn't hard to understand really when you consider how our business is set up.
On the local end, our frame shop offers custom framing and supplies to our patrons in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington by appointment only. This results in significant savings in overhead since we don't have to keep our shop open all the time. Those savings are passed directly to you, who also benefit from never having to wait while we serve others. Bottom line: our local customers save 40-50% over what they might pay elsewhere. And are thrilled with the quality of work we do.
On the Internet side, the savings are even greater—an astounding 50-90% off!
The more you order the lower the price!
That also isn't difficult to explain. We truly give you the discounts that the lower costs of running a business online afford. (Unlike some stores whose online discounts are minimal.) So you can order all your custom framing materials and supplies right here on this site, fully confident you're getting the lowest price possible.
Businesses: Take Advantage of Our Big Volume Discounts.
For nearly two decades, we've succeeded by putting the needs of our customers first. We look forward to serving you, too!
All Custom Framing at Wholesale brick & mortar frame shop has been serving the framing needs of the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. Our loyal customers—including many artists, photographers and interior designers—greatly appreciate both the superior craftsmanship we bring to every art framing project, large or small, and our unbeatable wholesale art framing supplies.
Now we're offering that same unrivaled expertise and savings to people everywhere through our new online store for do-it-yourself picture framing. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finest quality art framing materials and workmanship, and the best framing values, online and off.
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