Custom Cut metal frame - ECONOMY 93

Custom Cut metal frame - ECONOMY 93
Economy 93: flat top profile has the same appearance as the branded Nielsen frame 93, but at a lower cost. It has a slightly thinner aluminum frame wall, narrower channel, and is about 1/8" less tall. This is not a hefty frame so glass due to it's weight, is not recommended for works over 30" x 30". Large sizes with glass may require extra support such as wire cross-bracing behind frame. This will prevent the frame from bowing and the glass coming out of the frame channel. The frame channel that holds backing material,  matting, and glazing is only 7/16" deep. Make sure that's deep enough for your project.
Need something for bigger heavier works? Use profile 117, 71, 99, 225

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Item # Economy N93-21

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