Blank - Black Core - (standard)

Blank - Black Core - (standard)
Mat BLANK - is a mat board cut down from a larger sheet to the outside dimensions of your backing material, glazing, or frame - ready for you to cut the window opening, or float mount (top mount) your artwork directly on top of the mat board.
Black Core - 'Black inner core' instead of white. When cut and beveled a thin black line appears around the window opening of the mat. The black bevel causes images to pop and defines black & white artwork.
Standard Quality - pH neutral papermat. The board has been treated to slow down the breakdown that naturally occurs with any wood pulp product. A pH neutral mat will enhance your artwork for a few years, but eventually will fade and may cause acid burns where the mat contacts the art. Standard pH neutral mats are not archival, 4ply (1/16).
Perfect for General Framing, Open Edition Reproductions, Posters
Item # black core blank C63297

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