Blank - 8 Ply solid core - Crescent (Conservation)

Blank - 8 Ply solid core - Crescent (Conservation)
BLANK - Mat boards cut down from a larger sheet to the outside dimensions of your backing material, glazing, or frame - ready for you to cut the window opening, or float mount (top mount) your artwork directly on top of the mat board.
8 PLY - Twice the thickness of a regular mat creating a strikingly bold enhanced beveled edge.
SOLID CORE - Solid consistent color from top of mat all the way through the core without variation. The beveled window opening surrounding your art will have the same color as the mats surface.
Crescent 8 PLY Solid Core mats are twice the thickness of a regular 4 Ply mat. Competes with the Bainbridge brand 8-ply Alphamat line, Artique brand 8-ply, and is affordable when compared to 8 Ply cotton rag mats. Exceptional conservation: 100% virgin alpha-cellulose, lignin and acid-free, fade and bleed-resistant; conservation-grade ideal for any type of work.
Perfect for Fine Art Prints, Valuable Documents, Photography, Originals
Item # 8 Ply blank C25702
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