32x40 Crescent Economy

32x40 Crescent Economy
Crescent Economy (Berkshire) mat board - Similar to Bainbridge's Canterbury line as an economical mat for non-archival framing. A few choices have a bright white core.
This Crescent domestic made standard quality paper mats is pH neutral. The board has been treated to slow down the breakdown that naturally occurs with any wood pulp product. A pH neutral mat will enhance your artwork for a number of years but eventually will fade and may cause acid stains where the mat touches the art. Standard pH neutral mats are not archival, 4 ply (1/16)
Order Minimum for this mat type:

13 sheets same color only. Quantity discounts apply to the same color only.

Perfect for General Framing, Open Edition Reproductions, Posters
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Price: $5.18
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Note: 13 required to ship

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